Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Post

Hi All.

This is the blog for Contemporary Metaphysics 1 (PHIL 3650 and PHIL 7160), our seminar in the ontology of Art for Fall 2010. I've invited you all as authors. When you successfully get in, just leave a post that you have done so.

Next week, we'll start on the Ship of Theseus. Read the following, which can be e-accessed from the U of M Libraries. They were all published long ago in the journal
ANALYSIS and around 5 pages each.

Brian Smart; How to Reidentify the Ship of Theseus
Francis W. Dauer; How not to Reidentify the Parthenon
Lawrence H. Davis; Smart on Conditions of Identity
Brian Smart; The Ship of Theseus, the Parthenon and Disassembled Objects

I'll also be emailing you the pdf of a longer paper.

So feel very free to participate in the blog. I'll check in regularly but may not participate in every discussion.